As an estate planning comprehensive plan client, your plan includes one year of membership at the Client Care Plus level from the time of receiving your estate planning portfolio. When you get close to your first anniversary, you will get information on choosing one of these levels to ensure your plan continues to work when your family needs it most.

Client Care Membership Benefits

SILVER – $147/year

  • Secure Online Access to your Estate Planning Documents 24/7 – via LawConnect or similar service.
  • DocuBank Membership – Your Emergency Carda plastic wallet card, lets your doctors and loved ones access your healthcare directives 24/7, anywhere in the world. Your loved ones can be by your side during a crisis, instead of searching for your legal documents. Your card also includes your medical conditions, allergies, and emergency contact information.
  • Admission to Events We Host – Complimentary. Conditions may apply.
  • Loyalty Discount for You, Family and Friends – Typically 20% off regular fees – determined at their Life & Legacy Planning Session or initial meeting. Does not include Client Care Gold and Platinum Member Rate on the Life Change Fee Schedule.

GOLD – $347/year or $30/month

  • All of the Client Care Essentials Membership Benefits Above, PLUS:
  • Complimentary 3-Year Refresh of Financial & Health Care Powers of Attorney - At times financial institutions are difficult to deal with if a Power of Attorney is more than 3-5 years old, so we’ll help you keep it updated. Likewise, up-to-date health care directives assure doctors of your current wishes. If you desire changes beyond a refresh, see the Life Change Fee Schedule.
  • 50% Off Incapacity Documents for College-Aged Children – At 18, they need a Financial Power of Attorney and Health Care Directives in place to ensure you (or the people they choose) can help them immediately in an emergency.
  • 50% or More Off Routine Updates & Amendments – Ensure that your plan is always up to date and that all assets are appropriately accounted for as your life changes. See the Life Change Fee Schedule.
  • Reduced Fee for New Jersey Deeds or Refinance Related Documents –Ensure real property you own is properly funded to your trust and complies with lender requirements. See the Life Change Fee Schedule.

PLATINUM – $697/year or $60/month

  • All of the Client Care Membership Benefits Above, PLUS:
  • Attorney Meetings up to 2 meetings or 2 hours/year – Options: (1) Meeting with Your Loved Ones – Introduce your family or others who you have named in your plan to us, so they are familiar with our firm and can ask any questions they have. (2) Estate Plan & Asset Review – Keep your plan working the way you intend by discussing any changes in your life and assets. We’ll update you on changes in the law, review your assets, trust funding, and beneficiary designations and update your Life & Legacy Inventory. (3) Life & Legacy Interview – Build your Legacy Interview Library with additional interviews.
  • Complimentary Directive Communications Service (DCS) Membership – DCS helps you to create a list of ALL your digital accounts to ensure that (1) none of your financial assets will be lost and (2) all of your non-financial accounts will be handled as you wish. You direct whether you want each account to be maintained, memorialized, deleted, etc. After your death, together with our firm, DCS applies those directions, making handling your digital life much easier for your family. DCS does not record passwords or view sensitive information. (if plan fee >$1000)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My membership lapsed; how do I re-enroll? – Email (or “subscribe” via a membership promo email)
  • How much is it to re-enroll? – You will pay a re-enrollment fee (equal to one year at the level you desire) plus the fee for the current year and you will be subscribed to recurring payments so that you don’t have to pay the re-enrollment fee in the future. So, for Client Care Plus, you would pay $700 x 2 = $1400 now and be subscribed to pay $700 next year and ongoing.
  • If I re-enroll, will I get the Client Care Member Rate on the Life Change Fee Schedule right away? – Yes, you can if you re-enroll at the Client Care or Client Care Plus level.
  • Any more affordable options if I don’t need changes now, but in a couple of years I think I will? – Yes, pay a re-enrollment fee of $147 and subscribe to monthly payments of $30 or $60. After two years of payments, you will be eligible for all the benefits of your chosen level. In the interim, you will have Essentials, 3-Year Refresh, and, if Plus, DCS. Contact for more detail.

Note: If you choose not to renew and later choose to re-enroll, the annual rate will be that year’s membership rate. Also, we reserve the right to charge a re-enrollment fee and to preclude any benefits related to discounts on legal services.